Tips for Care

Here you can find tips for making the most out of Feral products

How do I use the sponge correctly?

When you wash your car, you will need two sponges. One needs to be used for the bottom of the car and the other one for the top. The sponge on the bottom often collects dust and small stones which can cause scratches. That is why we have to rinse thoroughly.

Where can I use Protectant?

You can use Protectant at the plastic parts of the car and the engine board. The product is also suitable for the external plastic parts of the vehicle. You can wash the external plastic parts without shampoo and leave them to dry. After 10 minutes apply Protectant according to the product directions.

For tires

You should apply all products after the tires are fully dry and cool, so they can absorb the product effectively. You should be careful not to apply the product at the tire tread.

Secrets for washing:

Washing your car can be made more effective if you:

  1. Always wash your vehicle in the shade
  2. For difficult stains leave shampoo for 5 minutes and then wash off
  3. Rinse the sponge frequently in order to avoid scratches
  4. When you use leather to dry, just lay and pull

Keep alive the wipers

It may sound strange, but the wipers can break down when not in use. The sun and dust are the greatest enemies, especially during the summer months. Periodically clean them with a damp cloth and then use Protectant to preserve them.

Caution when cleaning upholstery

The biggest mistake when we clean upholstery or leather cleaner is that we rub aggressively to remove the stain. The right way is to leave the product for 2 or 3 minutes to take effect and then wipe off. If the dirt persists, follow the same procedure.