Leather Protectant


Leather Protectant

Cleans, Shines, Protects

Leather Protectant is a unique product, with a creamy texture that cleans, protects and preserves all leather surfaces. The product cleans deeply the leather in order to restore its natural look and elasticity with result to prolong its life.

The product contains natural wax that protects the damage caused by the sun. You can use it on all leather surfaces for protection and preservation.

Where you can use it

It is suitable for:

  • Leather seats,
  • the car interior
  • as well as leather bags and shoes;
  • furniture and many more leather goods.


  • Clean the leather surface with a clean wet cloth removing dirt.
  • Then shake well and add an appropriate amount of product on a clean, dry and soft cloth.
  • Rub into surface with circular motion and then buff with a clean, dry cloth in order to remove extra product and have a shiny result.
    Note: test first on a small, inconspicuous area. Do not use on suede leather.

Available Sizes

  • 300 ml
  • 4 lt
  • 10 lt
  • 20 lt