Engine Cleaner


Engine Cleaner

Cleans, Shines

Feral engine cleaner is a unique formula product that cleans all types of engines. It is also unique for use in car service stations, for cleaning tools and metal parts with lot of grease and oil.

It removes easily oil, grease, and strong dirt with just one spray application.

Where you can use it

Engine Cleaner is suitable for:

  • Car Machine
  • Motorbike Machine
  • Trucks Machine
  • Boat Machine


  • Make sure that the engine is cold and dry.
  • Then cover with a plastic protectant the air uptake, the electronic parts, and the distributer.
  • Shake the bottle and spray evenly leaving it for a few minutes to take effect (maximum 5 minutes).
  • Wash with enough water, take out the plastic protectants and then let the engine dry, working to low speed for 10 minutes.

Available Sizes

  • 500 ml
  • 4 lt
  • 10 lt
  • 20 lt