Frequently asked questions

Can I use dish detergent when washing my car ?
Dish detergents are not produced to be applied on cars or other vehicles. Such a product may harm the color, the wax surface and the finish of your vehicle. Try to always use approved products for vehicles because these products are specially designed to preserve and enhance your cars finish. There are many car shampoos like Feral® Wax Shampoo which not only clean your vehicle and protect it but they also leave a nice film of wax on the car in order to further protect it and rinse our the dust easily before the next wash.
What to take care of when buying a new car ?
Our mail concern when cleaning our new car is to maintain and protect it as better as possible. Using the right products to maintain it keeps our car "alive" for a long time. Plastic protectant is one of the products that can do that job for you. It keeps plastic parts of your car brand new.
Which products should I use for my motorcycle ?
The main parts of the motorcycle that often get affected from the weather conditions are the plastic and leather parts. Plastic protectant and Leather care are the products that you need in order to clean and maintain your motorcycles' parts. Another products that can keep your motorcycle in a good shape is a shampoo with wax.
Can wheel cleaner harm my wheels ?
Feral car products are carefully designed and tested in order to protect the user from unpleasant accidents. The wheel cleaners' formulation is not going to harm your wheels, however since we are not able to know always what kind of extra paints or materials you have applied to your wheels, that is why we strongly recommend that you always read carefully the directions of use before use any product.
Can upholstery cleaner be used in all kinds of textiles ?
Feral® Upholstery cleaner is made from a special formula that allows it to be friendly to every type of textile. Besides textile parts of cars, feel free to use it in carpets, couches, curtains etc. It does not fade the colors and cleans every kind of dirt and stain. Before use read carefully the instruction of use.
When is the time to change my coolant antifreeze ?
There are 2 ways to get to know that is time to change and or fill in some antifreeze to your coolant. The first and worse one is when your engine is already overheated. At this point you know it is time for a change. However the best for you would be to check your coolant for proper lever and color from time to time. We suggest once per month depending on how old is your car of course. Get to know what color you have in your coolant before it burns out. If you see rust in your coolant again it means you need to change antifreeze. Usually good quality antifreeze products such as Feral® antifreeze/paraflu have special antirust ingredients to maintain the life and the shape of the engine coolant. Make sure your use the appropriate degrees for your driving area. You can buy -15, -20 or buy antifreeze and dilute it according to your needs.
Where can I find your products ?
Feral ® products can be found in super markets, petrol stations, e-shops, and car accessories shops.