Auto GS

A Group of Companies!

AUTO GS is one of the biggest companies for car accessories in Greece and Balkans.

The company established by Mr. George Simeonidis, who activates in the automotive industry from 1978. The experience more than thirty years in this kind of industry is the basic element of success in sales, in partnerships and in customer relationships.

AUTO GS Company features over 6000 products related to car accessories and others vehicles. Furthermore the trademark FERAL concludes a wide range of products related to car cleaning and care.

Wipers with this label have international certifications; also they are first in sales and satisfy customer requirements.

At 2005 the trademark FERAL patented officially as private label and the range of its products ever increase with items which produced for every desire of customers about car accessories.

ISO 9001/: 2008

The company AUTO GS has absolutely complied with regulation CLP under which ensured that the dangers of chemicals products clearly communicated to the customers and to employees of the European Union through the classification and labeling. Furthermore the products based on ISO 9001/: 2008 so are fully harmonized with the quality management systems.
The company’s strong exporting profile the recent years based on the excellent quality of products and on successful communication policy.

The expansion and projection of the company in the domestic market and abroad strengthened by participation in recognized organizations and by implementing promotional activities.
The road events feral at 2007 in 22 locations throughout Greece under the campaign “ The panthers came” was one more successful effort which won public’s response after being given the opportunity to informed about the car care series with panther.


The plunge of the company at 2013 was the production of chemicals, cleanings, fresheners and antifreeze engine which impressed the customers who continue to respond positively to this effort.

The contemporary production unit which established in facilities of the company according to all legal procedures, supports the quick production and ensures the excellent quality as a result these products win the competition.


Patented with the permission from Chemical State Laboratory, Regional Directorate of Thessaloniki and according to European directives and provisions ensures not only an excellently manufacturer product but at the same time approved by accredited operators.


AUTOMECHANICA, the most important exhibition of renewable and vehicle technologies in Frankfurt at 2008 hosted AUTO GS which did a dynamic presence of the excellent range of FERAL products. Its presence there gave the opportunity to customers informed about the products and to company to display its range and its reliability.

At 2010 company’s participation in the same exhibition was repeated with great success presenting the new range of products FERAL, surpassing all expectations of buyers and creating even bigger for the next presence.

To conclude AUTO GS Company distinguished by prompt service, product and service quality, specialization in the car and customer-oriented policy. It is in an important level at competition due to the hard work and vigilance to the customers demanding. Faithful to its commitments will continue to fight for the best customer service with excellent quality of products and competitive prices.