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Protection & Beauty

All Feral products have been created to conquer all of our customers’ requests.

Before every new product launch, Feral professionals and auto experts run tests. For a long time period all products, go through continuous tests in car wash stastions and garages. The complete range of our products will exceed your satisfaction.

For each part of your car, Feral professionals, can guarantee that you will have the results that you want, which are the maintenance and excellent care for your car.

Products for several uses

Feral products can be used for several tasks, as taking care of your car, truck or motorcycle.

For example the Plastic Protectant, the Shampoo with wax or silicone, the Wheel Cleaner and the Leather Protectant, are products well suited to the needs of your vehicles. You will find the results impressive, every time you use Feral products.

At the same time Feral products have competitive pricing. Feral products are concentrated and with a small amount, you will have the promised results.

Care in the toughest conditions

It is very important to look after your boat even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The sea, salt and sun are the main factors that can cause damages to the leather, the tents and the plastic parts of the boat. The Feral Plastic Protectant and Leather Protectant, due to their special formulation contribute to the maintenance and protection of these parts of the boat and give vitality and longevity.

The Car Wash Wax can give a special maintenance and care which creates a protective shield around the frame of your boat.

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