The beginning

AUTOGS s.a, is one of the largest car accessories companies in the Greek market and the Balkans.

Founder is Mr. George Simeonidis, who operates in the automotive industry since 1978. The experience of more than 37 years in the car industry is the key ingredient for success in sales and customer satisfaction.


In 2005, AUTO GS registered its new brand name Feral®.

Feral is a brand that specializes in car care products, air-fresheners, and has also expanded in the car accessories field.


 In 2006, Feral launched for the first time in the Greek Market.

Among the first products, that were distributed under the Feral brand are: wiper blades and air-fresheners.


With a dynamic profile in the car care market, Feral participated in its first fair. And the reason for Athens AUTOSTATIONCARE.

After participating at the fair and for better merchandising, Feral decided to create Feral Road Events. Through those actions, Feral products became familiar to the wholesalers as well as the customers.


In 2008, Feral made the first step in the foreign market, by participating in AUTOMECHANICA Frankfurt.

Our first step in international market, was a huge success for all of us, as we enjoyed people’s feedback for our design and quality.


After the successful presentation of Feral in AUTOMECHANICA of 2008, Feral participated in AUTOMECHANICA of 2010 too. In the exhibition, Feral introduced its new range of car care products.


In  the beginning of 2013, there was a need to control production and product quality. It was this fire, that light up the company’s idea to enter the production sector. By that time, all products, were outsourced and made for Feral under our strict directions.

However, this wasn’t enough. We wanted to control our products’ quality, design and process of manufacturing whereas to invest in research and development of innovative products. As a result, AUTO GS proceeded by creating modern production facilities, which met all the standards for safety and quality control, in compliance with all legal processes.

Feral is fully complied with all CLP Regulations, under which ensures that the risks posed by chemicals, are clearly communicated to the customers and employees of E.E., through the classification and labeling.


Patented with the permission from Chemical State Laboratory and according to European Directives and provisions, Regional Directorate of Thessaloniki, ensures not only an excellent manufacturer product, but at the same time approved by accredited operators.


Our customers trust in Feral, contributed in the creation of a new product range for engine maintenance.

The brand is now synonymous with quality and consumer trust.

ISO 9001: 2008

In late 2015, our company was certified with ISO 9001: 2008, for our care care products and air-fresheners.

Following that standard, our company assures that Quality Management System in production and other processes is adopted, so as to ensure the stability of quality and efficiency of procedures, made by the production management.


It has been 10 years, since Feral products launched and it is time for a design renewal.

The entire product line is changing design but the quality of product and passion for new ideas remains the same.

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